W.E. Women Empowerment

W.E. stands as a tight-knit community dedicated to empowering women who share similar interests.

W.E. is committed to fostering both professional and personal development through the exchange of skills, building networks, and collaboratively creating a supportive environment for working women in Goa. Additionally, it serves as a wonderful opportunity to forge new friendships. W.E. unites ambitious, like-minded women in search of a supportive network to enhance both their professional and personal spheres. It is instrumental in helping women overcome the unique challenges they might face in the world of entrepreneurship and business. Through shared experiences, knowledge, and support, the aim is to foster connections that transcend boundaries, promote diversity, and inspire positive change in the lives of women.

BE a Part

W.E. Women Entrepreneurship

A membership club that welcomes women from diverse backgrounds who share common interests

Mentorship for skill acquisition

Join a vibrant community fostering motivation and self-assurance, offering mentorship for skill acquisition.

Guidance and personal development

Experience a supportive ecosystem empowering personal development and growth through guidance and mentorship.

Empowerment and self-assurance

Cultivate confidence and diverse skills in a community of women entrepreneurs, fostering empowerment and self-assurance.


From Our community

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WE isn't just a women's group; it's a network of resilience and encouragement. Together, we celebrate victories, navigate challenges, and uplift one another. Thank you Insia for bringing such dynamic and diverse women together.

Saroja Shankaran


Insia is one of the most amazing humans in this industry. Her joie de vivre, humility, optimism, knowledge is unparalleled and reflects in her work. She is amazing at making connections, and is able to structure thru nebulous ideas to make them rich programs. Self motivated human who keeps the larger purpose in mind to make this world a better place.

Kavita Nair

Marketing Guru and Co-founder ParijaatGoa

Insia has steadily built a community of intelligent, professional, committed women that not only provide leadership and support to each other, they look out for one another (that’s WE’s biggest triumph, it’s not remotely political or negative) Every meetup is interesting, educational and most of all really fun. Her curation of events, activities and people is delicate, versatile and remarkably detailed. I believe the invitation for WE membership has been put on hold for now. Whenever it does open, JUMP at it.

Jeneva Talwar

Founder Cafe LaDiDa

W.E. is more than just a women empowerment club—it's a thriving community fostering growth and solidarity. Joining W.E. has been an enriching experience, and I extend my gratitude to Insia, the founder, for her vision and dedication in building this empowering community.

Supriya Sarin

Founder Vnya Organics

Insia's W.E. is a haven for meaningful connections. She has cultivated a safe and supportive environment for women striving for excellence in both their personal and professional lives. Grateful for this empowering community.

Shraddha Bhonsle

Chef and Co-founder Sawantwadi Palace Boutique Art Hotel

WE has served as a catalyst, nurturing friendships, sparking innovative ideas, fostering a motivational spirit, and instilling a culture of enjoyable learning.

Moumita Sen

Founder Moka Cafe and Desserts

I have been a part of WE since it’s start & it gives me immense joy to look back at the honest relationships & friendships I have built through it. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey & having a group like this that pushes you to do better & supports you is all I needed. Thanks Insia & WE 🧡

Ananya Rijhwani

Wedding Photographer and Founder: Little Wholesome Pantry

Meeting women from the same industry through the WE group has been such a game-changer. It's like finding a treasure trove of support, inspiration, and knowledge all in one place. Having a community of strong women around you is like having your own personal tribe, ready to lift you up and offer help whenever you need it. It's helped boost my confidence and made me feel supported at all times. 

Harshaeta Singh

Head of Hospitality, Tellado Villas

WE gave me a community I never knew I needed. It’s not just a simple networking event, Insia has made this a little (large) family that eats together, drinks together, works together and thrives together. The meet ups and socials are something we look forward to eagerly each month. We love WE.

Mitika Shah

Founder The Significant Otter, Branding and Communications

W.E. Women empowerment

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W.E. Evolve Cohort: Experience masterclasses, workshops, talks, fireside chats and exercises by industry leaders to help reach your full potential and amplify your personal growth.