About Insia Lacewalla

Insia Lacewalla is a dynamic hospitality consultant and a prolific travel writer based out of Goa.

With a diverse professional journey spanning over 17 years, Insia's expertise traverses the realms of film, television, indie music, food and beverage, and the ever-evolving world of hospitality. Her meticulously curated guides provide a passport to unique and immersive experiences in India, offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Indian culture, heritage, and cuisine via her company, India With Insia. Insia is also the founder and driving force behind "W.E," a membership-based club and community for women empowerment in Goa. Insia sits on the jury of the Conde Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards and 30 Best Bars. She also curates Food & Beverage for an array of festivals around the country.



Embracing 17+ years, Insia pioneers in entertainment, hospitality, and entrepreneurship

Innovative Culinary & Hospitality Entrepreneur

Pioneered India's first culinary curation company, Small Fry Co, organizing over 50 food festivals, and established boutique guest houses and cafes like 28 Kothi, Cafe Kothi, and The Johri, influencing Jaipur's F&B scene.

Consultant & Community Leader

Known for consulting in hospitality and founding a members-only women entrepreneurs community, W.E., Insia's influence extends beyond businesses to community building and empowering women.

Travel Industry Maven

Inspired by diverse journeys across India, Insia launched 'India with Insia,' a travel platform spotlighting unique destinations, boutique hotels, and regional cuisines, emphasizing tailored travel experiences for discerning millennials, particularly women travelers

Brand Collaborations

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