January 22, 2023

Boutique Stay: Parijaat Goa, Anjuna

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A peace haven in the heart of Anjuna.

Goa = Sun, sand, sea, food and drinks. You want to pack in that beach time, try out different restaurants and have easy access to all the fun Goa has to offer. But at the end of the day, you want to come back to a nice, clean, quiet and private space and Parijaat Goa is just that. Bang in the middle of Anjuna, right before Mahé (great food!) is a small by lane, at the end of which is this homestay.

This beautiful house was built by Kavita and Manoj Nair as holiday home which eventually turned out to be the home they now live in. Along with their 7-year old daughter they moved to this little piece of heaven surround by fields and peacocks. The house has been named after the Parijaat flower spotted in their front yard.

Adjoining the main house (where the family lives) is a 2-bedroom cottage that opens up to a serene garden dotted with palms. The rooms are comfortable with all the amenities you need - from handpicked teas and coffees, books and luxe toiletries, there's really nothing more one could ask for.

The cottage.
The room.
The Bathroom.

An open air dining are attached to the kitchen, a swimming pool (that's frequented by all kind of birdies), a vegetable garden (thoroughly enjoyed by the peacocks), a well and an upcoming pottery studio makes you feel like you're at a home away from home.

The Pool.

During your stay expect quiet mornings (other than the birds chirping) and complete privacy. Kavita is happy to help you hone your pottery skills (in my case, none!) or you can even harvest pepper with her accompanied by the two little foragers - her daughter and the staff's son. The staff is mighty kind and I loved meeting Karuna who is fondly called the CEO of the garden and always wears a smile. Also, she got my chai spot on (Certainly gets extra points for that!).

A plate made by Kavita with the Parijaat flower.

Breakfast is included in your stay and includes fresh fruits, locally sourced muesli and if you're lucky, then Kavita's fantastic Shakshouka and the Puttu (Steamed rice flour and fresh coconut) with Kadala Curry made with kala chana. She is vegetarian but cooks the most exquisite meat without even tasting for salt. Manoj was brought up in Poona and can tell you in detail about Maharashtrian cuisine. Listening to him on an empty stomach, is third degree torture.

Puttu and Kadala Curry

They don't serve lunch or dinner but seeing my love for Malayali food, I was treated to an extravagant meal prepared by Kavita - Kerala style mutton curry, egg roast, appams, poppadums and Alani - a special Maharashtrian style mutton soup made my Manoj.

Kerala Style Mutton Curry.

I highly recommend Parijaat Goa especially for the solo traveller. It’s safe. You have all the privacy you want. And if you’re as chatty as me then you’re in for a treat with Kavita and Manoj who I would now like to call my friends.

Kavita and Manoj in their beautiful kicthen.

Take Away:


Rs. 12900 per night including breakfast and tax.